Where is the landfill?
The City of Altus Landfill is located 8 miles west of town on highway 62 and 1.5 miles north on South CR 196 (N1960). Check our landfill page for more information, use the map at the bottom of the right column to get directions from your location.Altus Municipal Landfill

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1. Where is the landfill?
2. What type of items does the flat-bed service pickup?
3. I have trimmed my trees and shrubs and don't know what to do with the trimmings. How should I dispose of them?
4. How can I dispose of cans of paint?
5. Where do I stack items for bulk pickup?
6. How many dumpsters should be in my alley?
7. My neighbors are stacking debris on my side of the alley, what can I do?