Airport Advisory Board


Roy Lee Scott (Chair)Term Expires 6-30-22
B.F. RowlandTerm Expires 6-30-23
George KeithTerm Expires 6-30-23
Robert DanielTerm Expires 6-30-23
Rodger Kerr
(Altus Southwest Economic Development Director)
Term Expires 6-30-22


Altus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport is owned and operated by the City of Altus.  Day to day operations of the airport are overseen by an Airport Manager and skilled staff.

The Airport Advisory Board consists of 5 members from the community who are involved directly with local general aviation as pilots, aircraft owner/operators, aviation business owners, or policy makers directly affecting aviation or the airport itself.  Qualified board members are appointed to serve 2-year terms directly by the Altus City Council.

This advisory board provides recommendations to the Airport Manager and to City Council on matters concerning long range planning, land use, and improvements for the AltusQuartz Mt. Regional Airport. Duties of the Airport Advisory Board include:

  • reviewing and recommending a long-range master plan and financing plan for the AltusQuartz Mt. Regional Airport;
  • reviewing and recommending actions concerning leases, fees, and annual budgets for the airport;
  • developing and recommending annual goals and objectives for operation and development of the airport;
  • reviewing and recommending actions concerning the airport rules;
  • promoting the development and utilization of the airport pursuant to the adopted master plan and airport rules; and
  • promoting awareness, utilization, and development of the airport pursuant to, and consistent with, the Council's adopted goals and objective and master plan.

Airport Advisory Board meetings are held quarterly or as-required.