Altus Municipal Landfill

When You Arrive

Simply drive your vehicle (and trailer) onto the scale located across from the attendant's window. Put your vehicle in park and set your parking brake (or shut the engine off), and check in with the attendant. Bring your current utility bill and ID in order to obtain residential rates. Follow the attendant's instructions on where to unload your debris.

Drive slowly and watch for debris that could puncture tires or damage vehicles. And stay clear of heavy equipment operating in the area.

When finished unloading your debris, drive back onto the scale and checkout with the attendant. You will be required to pay any amount due before leaving.

Landfill Service Rates Effective July 1, 2016

Tires (Each)

  • Passenger car $1
  • Truck $5
  • Tractor $10


Within the City Limits
  • $36.09 per ton*
Outside the City Limits
  • $49.13 per ton
*Residential customers bringing items from their home, not pertaining to a job acting as a contractor, can utilize the landfill at no cost. The resident must come in personal vehicle with their utility bill and driver’s license; tires must be separate and residents are responsible for tire fees.


The Altus City Landfill accepts cash, debit/credit card or check payments.

Directions to the Altus City Landfill

The landfill is located approximately 8 miles west of Altus off of Highway 62. Look for the Landfill sign on the right at N1960 Road and turn north. Go 1.5 miles on "Landfill Road" until you see the entrance on your left.