Water/Sewer Maintenance

Water/Sewer Maintenance Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the City of Altus water distribution and wastewater collection system.  The Water/Sewer Maintenance Department to ensures that the public receives a safe, adequate, supply of potable water; a functional waste water collection system, and an adequate water supply to the fire protection systems.

If you need to report a water Leak, please use the contact information in the right column.

Department Responsibilities

  • Repairing and Installing water lines
  • Install and maintain fire hydrants
  • Install and maintain water meters
  • Install new water taps
  • Inspect grease traps
  • Water pressure checks
  • Wastewater collection system repair and Maintenance

Water Distribution Overview

  • 3 elevated tanks each holds a maximum of 500,000 gallons.  The tanks maintain pressure during peroids of high use and provide extra volume to fire hydrants.
  • Over 130 miles of main water lines with a average water pressure of 60 psi (ranging in size of 1.25 inch to 24 inch). Pipe materials include ductile iron, cast iron, galvanized steel, transite cement and PVC. 
  • Over 7,500 water meters
  • Over 460 fire hydrants

Wastewater Collection Overview

  • Over 140 miles of wastewater collection lines (ranging in size of 4 inch to 24 inch)
  • Over 3500 wastewater collection manholes