Proper Use of Bulk Trash Service

The City reserves the right to determine when and if items will be picked up. The bulk trash service is not an on call service, it is currently a rotating clean-up of the city done in sections. The bulk item collection is currently done by a contractor. A complete circuit of the City is done every 60 days. Items placed in the alley will be picked up when the crew is in the area.

Items Collected

Items that the bulk trash service will collect from residential areas are furniture, appliances and bathroom fixtures only. Residents and businesses are responsible for proper disposal of any other items.

Placement Requirements

Items put in the alley for bulk trash pickup must be placed neatly in the alley by the resident’s property line. Do not put items on or by containers, utility poles, fences, electric, water or gas meters or on anyone elses property.


Contractors for hire of any kind (building contractors, roofers, remodelers, tree trimmers, etc.) may not place any items in the alley. it is the responsibility of the contractor for hire to deliver all their trash and items to the sanitary landfill, including all limbs and cuttings from hedges and shrubs.


Residents may take a total of 1,500 pounds of trash and garbage to the Altus Municipal Landfill each month for no charge. The resident must show a current utility bill and license, pay any fees for tires and weights over 1,500 pounds and come in a personal vehicle.