Banned Items & Code Compliance

Never put the following items in the container or alley - individuals, businesses and contractors are responsible for delivery of these items to the sanitary landfill:
  • Any items which, because of their weight or volume, cannot be picked up without injury to City employees or equipment
  • Any other bulk trash or debris
  • Construction debris, including sheet rock, bricks, boards, carpeting, paneling, fixtures, etc.
  • Dead animals or animal waste that is not bagged and securely tied
  • Dirt, rocks, bricks, steel or masonry products
  • Roofing shingles of any type - wood, asphalt or tile
  • Rugs or carpet
  • Tires of any kind
  • Toys, including kiddie pools, playhouses, disassembled swing sets, etc.
  • Tree limbs, trunks, root balls, stumps, etc., shrubs and grass clippings

Compliance - Citations & Fines

Failure to comply
with city codes can result in citations and fines for the offending party.

Reporting Violations

Violations may be reported by calling Code Enforcement at 580-481-2263 or by using the Citizen Concern System.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our city clean!

Anyone with questions on trash and garbage disposal should contact the City of Altus Sanitation Department at 580-481-2251 or the Landfill at 580-477-0120.