Finance & Purchasing

The City of Altus Finance consists of two different departments which report to the Chief Financial Officer. These departments are the Finance Department and Central Purchasing.

Finance Department

The Finance Department has the responsibility of monitoring the activities of the General Ledger. Those activities include the Payroll functions. In conjunction with this task the Finance Department is responsible for the compilation and administration of the City of Altus budget, the administration of the Hotel/Motel Tax, internal auditing to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal laws, and financial reporting to the City Council.

Central Purchasing Department

The Central Purchasing Department is responsible for all purchasing functions for the City of Altus, both contractual and non-contractual. These services include Accounts payable and assisting departments and vendors in preparing specifications of items to be purchased by the City of Altus. The department also is charged with contacting vendors before ordering materials to secure the most competitive prices for Altus.

Budgets and Financial Reports

Adopted Budgets

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Audit Reports

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