Utility Billing

A Message to Our Customers on Rising Energy Costs
July 27, 2020

Recent trends in the economy, including inflation and other factors, have negatively impacted the costs that Altus Power incurs to obtain and deliver utility service.  While it is our desire and duty to ensure that quality utility services are delivered to our customers and citizens reliably and at the lowest possible cost, these increases must be absorbed, and a calculated portion of those increases passed through to end users.  

Altus Power establishes end-user rates based on various factors such as cost and rate studies with the resulting rates set by the Altus City Council.  As a mechanism to ensure that rising acquisition costs do not impede Altus Power's ability to deliver services, a mechanism known as Power Cost Adjustment Factor is established within the Altus City Ordinances.  PCA basically adjusts end-user fees to account for fluctuations in costs associated with obtaining power from upstream providers.
You can review the ordinance here: 
Altus Ordinance Sec. 44-92 Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)

As always, if you are having trouble paying your utility bill for any reason, or have questions, don't hesitate to call our customer service team at (580) 481-2295 during regular business hours.

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Billing Cycles & Delinquent Dates

The City is divided into four billing zones:
  • Billing Zone 1 - Bills will be mailed on the 15th of each month.
  • Billing Zone 2 - Bills will be mailed on the 23rd of each month.
  • Billing Zone 3 and 4 - Bills will be mailed on the last day of each month.
In these zones, the City utility bills are considered delinquent after:
  • Billing Zone 1 - The 3rd of following month mailed.
  • Billing Zone 2 - The 10th of the following month mailed.
  • Billing Zone 3 and 4 - The 15th of the following month mailed.
After such dates a 10% penalty will be assessed. A $30 cut-off fee will be added to the bill and services are subject to disconnect after these dates. Notify the office if you will be out of town during the time your bill is due. For further information, call 580-481-2295.


Garbage collection is billed on all electric accounts. There are large trash containers furnished by the City in which to place your garbage.  The sanitation Department can be reached by calling 580-481-2251 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Utility deposits are required on all water and electrical accounts and will be applied to final bill only.
  • Residential Deposit $200.00
  • Water Only Deposit $50.00
  • Temporary Electric/Water (90 days) $50.00
  • Garbage Only $50.00
  • Commercial Deposit - 1.5 times average monthly bill (Minimum $200)

Service Charges

Type of Service
Amount of Charge
New Charges (Listed on bill as SV)
Anything done after 5 p.m., on the weekend, or on a legal holiday
Transfer Charge
Customer-requested connect or disconnect during business hours
Involuntary Disconnect
local power 2